Sep 23, 2014

Here is a list of the best films I have seen this year.

First, the films that came out in 2014:

Grand Budapest Hotel, dir Wes Anderson
The Double, dir Richard Ayoade
Obvious Child, dir Gillian Robespierre
Ida, dir Paweł Pawlikowski
Le Week-End, dir Roger Michell
Violette, dir Martin Provost
The One I Love, dir Charlie McDowell
No No:  A Dockumentary, dir Jeff Radice
The Trip to Italy, dir Michael Winterbottom
Gloria, dir Sebastián Lelio


Of that list up top, only Ida can hang with the other top older films I have seen so far this year. That "New to Me" list looks like this:

A Nos amours, dir Maurice Pialat (1983)
Zazie dans le métro, dir Louis Malle (1960)
L'argent, dir Robert Bresson (1983)
Pickpocket, dir Bresson (1959)
La Cérémonie dir Claude Chabrol (1995)
Une Affaire de Femmes, dir Chabrol (1990)


The four best films I have seen this year are Ida, A Nos amours, La Cérémonie, and Une Affaire de Femmes.

Three are French, one is Polish.  And Sandrine Bonnaire and Isabelle Huppert are in two of those films each.

Still have not seen Conte d'été yet, directed by Eric Rohmer (1996).  That will likely be added to these lists.

Will check back in with you in a few months to update these lists.

Jenny Slate in Obvious Child.  A truly great flick.

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