Jul 30, 2012

Gosh, that was a little uncomfortable last night,

Seeing US gymnast, Jordyn Wieber's interview right after getting bumped out of the All Around competition.

Poor kid.  My goodness.  And to do all the interviews right there in front of your other teammates before you leave the hall.  Wow.

I think they have messed this up, honestly.  I have no problem with every nation being represented in the final, but they should allow some "wild cards" in, as well.  It is not Ms Wieber's fault she is part of such a great team.  And, sure she made some mistakes, but she is the reigning World Champion and her third place team finish was certainly better than some other nations second place or first place finisher, I imagine.

Wieber acquitted herself well in her difficult interview, and I have faith that she will perform marvelously on Tuesday in the Team Finals competition.


But, not every one can be as classy as Jordyn Wieber.  Unfortunately, as always, there are some silly US athletes that need to put their mobile phones away, get off the twitter, and just enjoy the games.


I have definitely fallen for the sweet, smart, and tough little sixteen year old San Jose Table Tennis sensation, Ariel Hsing.  She took one of the world's best to six games yesterday before losing, and after having to qualify against a woman who has a child older than Ms Hsing.

Hsing plans to matriculate to Stanford in a couple of years and study business.  I hope she is able to maintain some type of Table Tennis career, as well, and wish her all the best.

Here is a blog post by Ms Hsing for ESPNW.

Ariel Hsing after winning her qualifying match yesterday.
Ariel Hsing, left, with a friend before their Junior Prom.


Unfortunately, I fell asleep before I could see the Romanian Women's Gymnastics team last night, but I did take a fancy to the "difficult" Russian star, Aliya Mustafina, even if she did not perform so well yesterday.  Looks like she has some attitude, which I often enjoy.  

Tuesday night's Team Finals should be a roller coaster ride.  Expect lots of tears.  


The London 2012 logo is awful.  What is that typeface? And, did they get any choice in the graphic design at the events? The pastel colors are killing me, with those goofy random starburst(?) line drawings.  And, what was with the cheerleaders yesterday at the indoor volleyball event.  No more of that, please.  

It looks more like tacky Eastern European stylee than Swingin' London.  


And the commentators for just about every event have been awful.  I prefer to watch it with the sound down and listen to music, honestly.


And, as for The Newsroom, yesterday's edition was better than last week's "Rudy" episode, but the show is still like an eight car pileup right before the Caldicott tunnel.  (And three of the cars are on fire.)

Love you all so much, 

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