Nov 5, 2014

This was not the documentary I wanted to see.

And, to be honest, I do not think it was all that great a documentary, period.  Even going in to it with the knowledge that Mr Dynamite is supposed to be an account of the rise of James Brown, this film did not cut it.  

You can not tell the story of this man and conveniently forget about the end.  The battle over the body, the spousal abuse, the high speed car chase, the drugs, the hypocrisy, the fact that he would constantly fine his band for essentially not keeping all eyes on him at all times, or the fact the he rarely paid the Famous Flames or his other bands, at all.  

Mr Jagger and Mr Gibney would have been better served to just compile a greatest hits of all available film and video materials to present like a thrilling feature length film, near to what a James Brown Revue Performance would have been like.

And, it is no surprise to me that Brown supported GOP folks like Nixon.  Or, that GOP folks like Nixon would callously use him to further their own political aims.  Mr Brown never wanted a hand out, and good for him.  But, like it is mentioned in the film by a witness, most African-American folks in this country are not as "immensely talented, driven, or ruthless" as James Brown.  Brown appears to me to have many of the hallmarks of the typical entrepreneurial conservative.  i.e.  I got mine, Fuck you.  Whilst all the time completely forgetting about all the others that were crucial to his succeeding in life.  

Perhaps his art would not have been so important, so crucial, so earth shattering, if he had not been such a ruthless egomaniacal asshole.  And, that is fine.  Lots of great artists are assholes.  But, if you are going to do a documentary about The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, you had best come with a fully rounded honest approach about the entire sweep of his life, actions, and career.

Seriously, you are much better served watching the TAMI Show, and any performances you can find on YouTube.

Mr Dynamite did little or next to nothing for me.


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