Nov 25, 2013


Mang, I am so not going down that rabbit hole! I have learned my lesson, and will not depress myself by digging deep in to this latest Poptempestinateacuptroversy.  My sweet little pottymouth, Lily Allen, now has a controversial video out there that has many up in arms.  She has gone too far this time! I will not even get in to the details because it really ain't worth it.

"Put on your lucky white socks, and go on and try it out for yourself!"

I have heard the song, I have seen the video, and I think they are both great.  Plus, the hullabaloo is doing great business for Ms Allen, as this song and another one of hers are both currently in the UK Top Ten.

I am not going to provide the video.  You are on your own.  But, I will provide you with a Jazz Butcher Conspiracy video, Southern Mark Smith (Big Return), which has a line that pretty much sums up my feelings re these Pop Star Nothingburger Folderols, "Don't you know they only make pop records out of plastic?"

Mwah, ... 

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