May 12, 2014


I was fully expecting to see Lily Allen Sheezus hand bills plastered all over London while I was there.  That was not the case.  (btw, Sheezus entered at No 1 in the UK album charts.  Sweet!)

But, I saw two wonderful hand bills all over the London Underground:

That is Lesley Sharp and Kate O'Flynn, starring in A Taste of Honey, which was its author, Shelagh Delaney's first play ever.  She was twenty years old.

I fell in love with Lesley Sharp aboot twenty years ago, when she was in Mike Leigh's masterpiece of a film, Naked.  I fell in love with Ms O'Flynn about five years ago when she was in Mike Leigh's masterpiece of a film, Happy-Go-Lucky.

Moreover, I knew about A Taste of Honey before I had even seen the script, thanks to The Beatles, and The Smiths.  The Beatles covered the song from the film version, and Morrissey referenced the play in a song, and also made Ms Delaney (a Mancunian) a cover star for their Louder Than Bombs double lp.

I did not catch on to those facts until I actually read the script, and did some scene work for a graduate student playwright.  It was some of the best work I ever did.  Stephanie Swenson played the Kate O'Flynn role.  I can not remember the name of the woman who played Lesley Sharp's part, and I played O"Flynn's sort of boyfriend.  We did it in untutored Mancunian accents (and did it quite well!) I just channeled Paul McCartney crossed with Ringo, and even though Stephanie and I were crushed back stage after finishing, thinking we had done an epic fail, it was one of our finest performances.  I got a number of other off-Main Stage roles from writers and directors just on the strength of that performance.

Also saw this on the Tube walls:

Well, I love both of these guys.  A lot.  And, apparently this show has won a bunch of awards, but Jeeves and Wooster will always be Fry and Laurie to me, so, I do not know.

There is also a production of this play with one of my sweetie's favorite stars, Matthew Macfayden, too.  Macfayden plays Jeeves.  Renee would definitely be down with that!

Mwah, ... 

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