May 9, 2014


The Wife & I were on the Metro in Paris, I think it was when we were looking for that fantastic cheese shop in a decidedly non-touristy, non-English speaking part of Paris, (and The Wife just had the sweet non-English speaking lady cheese monger pick five cheeses for us.  The highlight was a raw milk St-Marcellin cheese that I could write a whole other entire blog post about), and as we were boarding our train, one of the ubiquitous Parisian Metro accordion players boarded with us.  (It was not the dude in the video above.  I just pulled that from YouTube.)

(The Wife & I have a joke, that whenever I am watching a French film, and she is doing something else in the house, and can not see the teevee, as soon as she hears an accordion -- which apparently are in every French film ever made, even a lot of Godard films -- she exclaims, "French film! You are watching a French film!")

Anyroad, the accordion player played for the folks in the carriage, and then got off a few stops later. He then set up in the normal spot in the passageway right before travelers reach the landing. But, as the train pulled away again, Renee and I could see another accordion player coming down another ramp, ready to set up.  

You should have seen the absolute look of disgust on our second musician.  He heard the other player first, and then poked around the corner to see who his competition was.  Renee and I bust out laughing, trying to figure out just what the rules and etiquette for these guys is.

I hope there was not a fight.

Mwah, ...

Here's the Saint the cheese is named after.  He looks more likely to be in the Beach Boys to me.

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