Oct 12, 2011

I promise, I promise, I promise

This will not be a fucked-up (loaded) victory post.  I promise.

Because it def ain't over yet.  Verlander goes tomorrow, and Holland and Lewis for the Rangers have not exactly inspired confidence in this series.
Sorry, you do not to get to pass Go.

There was a moment for me at work, following on my iPod touch, going to the top of the 6th (Porcello had allowed one hit and struck out six) that I was like the great Spalding Grey, "So, if we do not make it to the World Serious, at least, We had a great year!" You know, lowering your expectations to deflate your sorrow.

But the Rangers rallied, took the lead, had Alexi Ogando, the Tiger-killer in there.  It was 3-2 Rangers right when I wanted to leave, but as I punched out, after no one watching any baseball, at all, tonight, there on the break room teevee was Inge celebrating his game tying home run.  (I completely missed the thrilling Cruz/Napoli/Cabrera play at the plate on the walk home.)

I was still a nervous wreck, especially during the Ollie and Boychik Feldman innings, but Hamilton lined his second double in a row off of Valverde, and I knew then it was over.

And I hate the Fox network.  And Fox News, for good measure.  And, I cannot tell you how glad I am that this game ruined the frickin' X-factor tonight.

Mwah, ... 

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