Oct 19, 2011

Remember/The fifth/Of November

Nah, I am kidding.  (Though, I am becoming more and more sympathetic to Mr Fawkes' views on government by the day, despite the whole Catholic thing-y.)

No, I am saying that, You should remember a short series is not always the best measurement of two ballclubs that have already played, say, one hundred and seventy-five games.

Honestly, I think the Rangers, overall, were a better ballclub than the light-hitting, insanely great starting pitching SF Giants last year.  And look what happened, the Giants smoked, waxed, destroyed, whatever you want to say, the Rangers last year.

That is why I am a little bit scared.

"What? I'm left holding the bag? For crying out loud, they're going to put me on the rack!"
Once again, I believe the Rangers, overall, are better than the Cardinals, but that do not mean poop.  And you got to play the games.

The TradMedia is madly in love with St Louis and is picking LaRussa's bunch.  The Bill James/Baseball Prospectus crowd is more than narrowly picking the Rangers.

I am going to say it will be a tough series, but one the Rangers should win.  That is not a prediction.  I am like the aforementioned, James.  I cannot make predictions (in any sport) worth anything.

So, I am not about to start today.

The AL Championship defense started here.  In Surprise, AZ.
Let us play some baseball and see who comes out on top.  I am so looking forward to it.

Go Rangers, dang it.

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