Oct 8, 2011

The baseball gods must have been

Busy elsewhere, or taking an extended nap, on Four, Eleven, Eleven, when they let Alexi Ogando and two relievers best Justin Verlander two-nil at Comerica Park in Detroit.

(I listened to the game at home, Eric Nadel and Dave Barnett, chatting with my Ranger buddies on BBTiA, and scoring the game.)  Here are those scoresheets:


 Comerica Park has been a House of Horrors for the Rangers since it opened and I took a great amount of pleasure in their gritty win that day.

(Ogando went seven innings, striking out six, while Verlander pitched a complete game.  The big Ranger hits were a pair of RBI doubles in the seventh by Michael "Face" Young and Mitch Moreland.  Verlander only walked one batter, Josh Hamilton, who subsequently scored on Face's double.)

I was so pleased with the victory and the Rangers' 9-1 start that I even wrote a short post on this blog, quoting my own comments on BBTiA later that day.

Well, the baseball gods woke the hell right up after that victory and promptly put Josh Hamilton on the DL for six weeks the very next day at Comerica on a head-first slide at home that also brought out tension between the star outfielder and the third base coach that sent him.  The Rangers, natch, lost that game and then the next four at Comerica, returning the basball universe to its' normal equalibrium.


This is going to be an extremely tough series for the Rangers to win, even though I believe the Rangers are the slightly superior team.  But in a short series against a club that will have Verlander going (at least) twice, my belief cuts v little ice.

I also expect the TradMedia to overwhelmingly pick the Tigers and the the stat geek/Baseball Prospectus crowd to slightly favor the Rangers.

And I am hoping that the baseball gods are either asleep at the wheel again or feel the karmic wheel should turn the Rangers' way next week in Detroit.  It should be a great series.  Let us play some baseball.  Go Rangers!

mwah, ...
kisses and love for all, ...

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