Aug 16, 2013

Here are some of the films I am eagerly looking forward to watching:

(Some of them are in theaters now, but I will probably not get a chance to see them until they are released digitally.)

Lake Bell, who I do not know much about, writes, directs, and stars in In A World ... 

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright complete the Cornetto Trilogy

Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender team up again for 12 Years a Slave

This could be a complete piece of poo poo, but I am still intrigued, American Hustle

This is in theaters now, but I probably will not see it until it gets to iTunes, The Act of Killing

I am going to watch this on PBS on Sunday, though I am not sure why they would remake The Lady Vanishes, one of Hitch's masterpieces

A French film about a family chateau in Bordeaux? Yes, Please! 

The Artist and the Model

Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Hannah Arendt

And, the documentary Herblock, which I can not find a trailer for.

Everyone have a great Friday!

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