Aug 12, 2013

It is a rout!

SESPO (Spitler Extremely Scientific Polling Organization) conducted a poll over four days last week on the question:  Lady Gaga or Madonna?

It was not even close.

Madonna:  73%
Lady Gaga:  27%

Two people in their twenties took pains to proclaim that Lady Gaga was their generation.  Another twentysomething said they did not particularly like Lady Gaga's music, but were proud of the 'body image' message Ms Gaga projected.

Another woman in her thirties said, "There would be no Lady Gaga if not for Madonna." And, another woman in her thirties voted for Lady Gaga but told the pollster, "Do not tell my Wife."

Alright, cyrillic alphabet text tattoos.  Okay.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this poll.

P.S. David Fincher directed the Express Yourself video, and Vogue, to boot! Booyah!

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