Aug 12, 2013

You're Welcome! The Wife and I Have Watched The Canyons So You Don't Have To

Yes, the Wife and I watched The Canyons, and this is my report, to wit:  Bret Easton Ellis is still a purposely provocative asshat.  James Deen should not quit his day job.  I have no idea what the hell happened to Paul Schrader.  And, Lindsay Lohan looks absolutely awful, a fifty year old face and body on a mid twenties frame.

Not only is the cinema dead, but all life is all pornography on smart phones.

Moreover, I have prepared for you lucky readers a The Canyons Haiku Poem Review.  Here it is:

Cinema a stiff,
Insists Schrader and Ellis,
And see Lohan's tits!

Like I said, you are flipping welcome.  

P.S. And then bam.

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