Jan 31, 2014

I just had the coolest experience with a customer.

I was pulling up a wine stack, as I am wont to do around here, and a customer asked me where she could pick up her cheese platters.  She said she was working for Diablo Ballet, and that the Walnut Creek Food Hole had donated two cheese platters for a fund raising dinner for the ballet company.

I took her over to where the platters were, and then said, "You know, the Wife and I are going to see SF Ballet's Giselle tomorrow."

"Oh, how lovely," she said.  "I went to the Gala Opening last week!"

"You lucky duck," I said.

"Our company director got me the tickets.  It was marvelous.  It was my first gala."

"What fun."

Then she asked, "Who are you seeing tomorrow?"

I knew that she meant who would be playing Giselle tomorrow, and I said, "I think it is Sarah Van Patten."

"Oh, she was wonderful last week at the Gala!"

Sarah Van Patten
"I was kind of hoping to see Maria Kochetkova," I said, "But I think she is dancing tonight."

"Oh, well she is wonderful, too!"

She loaded the platters in to her basket, and we said our goodbyes, and I told her that I hoped she had a great time at her fundraiser.

Maria Kochetkova
I just loved that two strangers could have a conversation about the ballet and two ballerinas as if we were speaking about the Oakland A's players and chances this season.  It was a delightful treat.

The wife and I are v excited to see the ballet tomorrow.  It will be a splendid date for us.

And, here is a link to Diablo Ballet.

Everybody have a wonderful and safe Super Bowl weekend.  I love you all,

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  1. Dear Ardent Henry,

    All of us at Diablo Ballet got the biggest kick out of your post on Jan. 31! Thank you for your appreciation of dance!

    We want to let you and your wife know that Diablo Ballet is performing at Walnut Creek's Lesher Center on Thursday, March 6 at 6:30pm, to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. We'd love to have you guys join us! Please contact me, if you're interested: erikaj@diabloballet.org.

    ~Erika (customer picking up platters at Whole Foods on Jan. 31)