Jan 27, 2014

Some folks I know

Went to the Laserium Dark Side of the Moon event at Chabot Planetarium last week.

That is not my gig anymore, and I am not at all meaning to pass any judgement on anyone who would attend such an event.  Firstly, because Dark Side of the Moon is a flipping masterpiece of Rock Art, and, secondly because, I have already done all the laser light show rock events that I feel I need to do.

(An aside, one of these "folks" is a committed Socialist gentleman named Alex, who I only know through my bestest friend, Nick C.  I call him Comrade Alex.  And I tried to point out to Nick C that he should mention to Comrade Alex that Pink Floyd are probably about as counter-revolutionary as a band can be.  I also am trying to get Nick C to push 60s Godard films on to Comrade Alex, especially since that not only is there a Maoist Red ethos and sympathy in those films, but also because Godard loves pinball.  Comrade Alex loves pinball, too.)

Anyroad, I would just like to point out that regardless of my feelings re Laserium shows, that Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is an absolute masterpiece of writing, performing, recording, engineering, thematic structure, and just about any other test you could throw at a rock album.

The album is over forty years old now, but still is an essential document of an artist's statement on the perils and joys of living in a Modern Western Capitalist Society.  It still has hints of the pastoral themes that the Floyd embraced, but is as fresh and alive today as when it was recorded.

It is inessential to know how much of this brilliance was intended or accidental.  It just is.

All my love,

P.S.  Just saw (finally!) one of my new favorite movies of all time, Dodsworth, on YouTube.  More on this tomorrow or Wednesday.

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