Jan 18, 2014

The DVR Might Explode

Sundays right now are just an unbelievable bounty of riches.  Renee has a program she is recording, and then, there will be Girls, True Detective, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey.

What? You did not really think he was dead, did you?

Downton Abbey has been an enormous guilty delight so far.  I adore Lady Mary and Lady Isobel walking around their rooms like wraiths, so wracked with grief over Matthew's death.  All the Abbey team need to do now is add some Smiths songs underneath.  (And Abbey directors! Please stop shooting profile shots of Lady Mary -- Michelle Dockery - -because as much as I love her, she has got to have one of the most unflattering profiles I have ever seen on film.) The whole gramophone scene last week was too much campy goodness.  Downton is great right now.

Girls last week was meh to me.  The Wife was much more impressed.  I did like that they threw a nod to Orange is the New Black, though, with Jessa's "romantic encounter" at the rehab clinic. And, Withnail was in it.  (I will write about the whole nudity controversy next week.)

Sherlock starts tomorrow, and I am definitely looking forward to that.  I read in the NYT that Watson is getting married (!) Interesting.

True Detective is a new series on HBO, and it is fantastic.  The Wife and I both love it despite it being yet another brooding serial killer psycho drama.  It stars Matthew "El-eye-vee-eye-en" McConaughey and Woody from Cheers.  More importantly it is directed by  Cary Joji Fukunaga, who directed one of my most favorite films of the last five years, Jane Eyre.

McConaughey is on absolute fire right now.  He has always been one of my favorite actors, but now he is picking superb projects, and delivering fantastic results.

If there are future seasons of True Detective (trust me, there will be) there will be an all new cast and a different mystery in a different part of the country.  The current one is set in Louisiana.  And McConaughey plays a mopey weirdo detective from Texas.  (Shocker!)

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