Mar 31, 2016

Hey, folks


Do not believe for a second any of the outrage from the anti-choice crowd re Drumpf's statements yesterday. There is nothing the forced birth folks would love to see more than women (especially women of color!) carted off to prison facing murder charges for terminating their pregnancies. Problem is they cannot say that sort of stuff out loud.

Once again we have an instance of Drumpf putting voice to the GOP's deepest darkest desires. The party line for forced birthers is that the woman is a "victim" and the doctor is a murderer. But the only reason they stick to that is because if they didn't they would never get elected, and also because they are cowards and bullies who want to legislate women's reproductive organs, and yet, never have to take any real responsibility for such legislation.

But, hey, Nader-loving, Sanders supportin', Susan Sarandon says not to worry. She, and a horde of other Sanders acolytes, are perfectly willing to vote for Drumpf if Bernie cannot secure the nomination because that will hasten the Revolution.

Sure, Sister.




-- Michael David Spitler


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