Sep 21, 2011

The Magic Number is four.

You know, even if the Rangers do not do well in the playoffs (or have a total collapse and do not even make the playoffs- do you like how I am tempering my expectations to avoid a nervous breakdown?) they have had a v fine season.  Face quit bellyaching and has had a remarkable year w/ two-hundred hits and competing for the batting title.  Derek Holland has really blossomed and looks like a possible Ace going forward.  CJ Wilson (in a contract year, natch) has become our own version of Cliff Lee and Adrian Beltre has been an absolute joy to behold this year, defensively, offensively, and in the clubhouse.  It has been an awesome year for Ranger fans and this organization might just be building a dynasty.  Watch this space.


"What do you do when your life exceeds all expectations?" "You keep it to yourself."

Drive, the movie, starring Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks, and Carey Mulligan, looks soooooo good to me but Renee is not impressed.  So I will either have to see it by myself (I have not done that in ages- and I used to do it all the time) or wait until it hits cable/dvd.  I am really looking forward to seeing Albert Brooks stab someone in the eye w/ a fork.  (I imagine I will be wishing he was stabbing William Hurt's character in Broadcast News.)


Renee and I have a fabulous weekend planned.  It is part of a Wedding Present, we will spend the weekend in Sonoma County at one of my Wine Rep's Country House.  It is Renee's burthdaie this weekend (Sunday) and we're going to drink, eat fabulous food (incl checking out Applewood Inn, one Michelin Star) and reeee-lax. 

I am sure I will have tons of great photos for you next week. 

Mwah, ...

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