Sep 9, 2011

What a crazy/fantastic walk home tonight.

Dusk turns in to night as I leave the store, a small bottle of Cava in my hand.  It is still warm, surprisingly muggy, and there is constantly lightning, splitting, fracturing the sky, and sometimes ever so briefly illuminating my path forward.  Magical.

Here are some of the songs from my walk home on 9/9/11:

Queen Bitch/David Bowie
The Queen is Dead/The Smiths
Planet Queen/T Rex
Pearly Queen/Traffic
The Queen of Ur and the King of Um/Wire
Beating Around the Bush/AC/DC
I Want to Hold Your Hand/The Beatles (in glorious mono)
When You Know/The Feelies
Weather/Other Lives
50ft Queenie/PJ Harvey
Dignity and Grace/Cheater Slicks
Refried Dreams/Cheater Slicks

Kisses, ...

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