Sep 28, 2011

I have bashed Bruce Jenkins enough (UPDATED w/ the good newspaper version quote!)

Times to be honest and give him his due when he is right.  (And I have never had any problem with his writing style.) 

No one wants to play with you anymore.  You are such a pain in the arse.
And in his most recent 3-Dot Lounge column of Saturday, Nine, Twenty-four, he is most righteously right.  Unfortunately the link I am about to give you here is a shortened version of the newsprint bloggy column, but I have saved that and will update later. 

Basically, Randy Galloway is also right, all "Texas does is greed." 

The Longhorns are about to destroy their second conference in as many decades.  I, and many others, are sick of their arrogance and greed and smugness. 

I wish the Sooners and OSU would just leave the frickin' Big 12 (9?), join the SEC, and let Texas play Baylor and Tech and Rice over and over and over again, watching endless replays of these pointless contests on their Elite Network, alone.  In the basement, with a bag of chips, and a Mountain Dew. 



UPDATE:  Here is the rest of what Jenkins had to say, from the complete newspaper edition of his 3-Dot Lounge column (9/24/11):

"As Randy Galloway wrote in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 'Texas doesn't do equality.  It does greed.' ... That includes the competitive angle, as well.  In a weakened and vulnerable Big 12, Texas has a better chance to dominate than if placed in a 16-team conference including USC, Oregon and Stanford ... One of the great athletic universities in the country, Oklahoma, has been made to look foolish in all this.  How we'd love to see the Sooners smoke Texas- say, 38-3- at the Cotton Bowl in two weeks ... Texas' opulent network comes in a massive conflict-of-interest partnership with ESPN.  What if the 'Horns break a few recruiting laws and come under investigation? Does ESPN ignore the story?"

Jenkins goes on to talk about Jayhawk basketball, too.  You have really got to feel for them, as well.  I agree with Jenkins.  Imagine Kansas in the ACC (?!).  That would be a basketball Super-Conference.

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