Sep 1, 2011

As happy as I am to see Todd Haynes'

Fantastic Mildred Pierce get a bushelful of nominations for this year's Emmys, it is hard to take the Emmys seriously, considering that Treme did not get a single nomination and The Wire never won one, either.

Y'know, I get just as much red lipstick and nylons watching Miss Marple (and a much better story, to boot.)
But, hey, Katrina, NOLA, that's so mid-aughts.  Who gives a care about those folks anymore, really?

Meanwhile, there are a passel of new programs coming your way this season, set in the early sixties, when it was okay to say, Negro; fire women when they got pregnant; and smoke in your office.  Sweet!

Hey, I like bright red lipstick and nylons as much as any red-blooded, straight (or gay) American Dude around, but, for crying out loud, that show is soooo overrated.

And now we are going to get a dozen more or so just like it (but none as good.)

(Yeah, yeah, I know, I am no fun.  I did not Sex and the City, either.)

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