Sep 28, 2012

Barry Zito dropped by the store yesterday,

After picking up his fourteenth win this year in the City.

Here is the box score.

He was headed towards the public restrooms, which are right by my wine back stock area, and I was headed there to add wine to a cart that needed to be put on to the floor.

At first, I thought, "Oh, a  Giants fan/dude going in to the bathroom, la la la," but then realized it was Barry Zito.  I did not say anything to him, but it was plain in his glance and smile back to me that he knew that I knew who he was and yes, his expression said,  "I am Barry Zito.  I am a baseball star.  I have a Cy Young."

He might have got a coffee, or some water, as he stopped at the coffee bar on his way out.  I figure he was on his way home after the game, and basically needed some place to use the restroom.  (Zito has shopped at our store before, though.)

He was wearing his black and white Adidas clubhouse slippers, black shorts, and crazy, almost bootleg-y Giants t-shirt and baseball cap.

I am sure he is thrilled about his rebound season this year, and that he has made the playoff roster, too.  Unlike two years ago when the Giants beat my Rangers in the World Serious, and Zito was left doing bullpen duty, warming up pitchers and catchers, and not being part of the twenty-five man roster.  Good for him.  I have only heard great things about him personally the whole time he has pitched up here in the Bay Area.

Zito yesterday:  6 IP 3 R 3 BB 3K (W, 14-8)


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