Sep 28, 2012

Nick C and I have come up with

A fabulous new game to play, and we would like you to play along with us.

This game was inspired by the Bay Area Steely Dan cover band, Aja Vu, who always plays the Lafayette Art and Wine Fest these past few years.  Nick C and I are not so crazy about their name, but Renee and Justin G like it a lot.

We started coming up with other cover band names for our favorite groups.  So far we have two excellent ones:  Nick C came up with his Clash cover band, which is called Between the Minarets. And, Renee came up with Dirty Sweet for T Rex.

Please submit any fun cover band names for any of your favorite groups or musical artists in the friendface comments, or by submitting comments to fauxluxe.

Mwah, ... 

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