Sep 26, 2012

The Magic Number is still five,

And, I do not like the Rangers chances tonight.  Darvish was scratched from yesterday's start and they are saying the latest he will pitch again will be Sunday against the Angels.

(If the Rangers lose tonight, I suspect they might think about starting him tomorrow, and give Harrison an extra day of rest, too.)

Lefty rookie prospect, Martin Perez, goes for the Rangers tonight.

So, yesterday, no Darvish, and in went Scooter Feldman, boychik, instead.  Feldman did not pitch too bad, and the rest of the bullpen was sharp, too, until Lowe in the tenth.

The main problem with the Rangers is their inability to score runs right now.  The Rangers plated two in the first, and had Hamilton at third with no outs.  They did not score again the rest of the game.  Plus, they had two runners picked off first last night.

If the Rangers win tonight, I will consider that a real steal/gift.  It is more likely that they will get rocked tonight, and have to buckle down tomorrow to earn the split they need.


Here is the story about Renee and the Magic Number.  Two years ago when the Rangers became good again after a decade of yuck I would blog here on fauxluxe about the Magic Number.  To wit, here is such a post, and here is another one.  Plus, I would quiz Renee on what the Magic Number was every time it changed.  Renee went along with this, thinking what a silly obsessed boy I was, doing esoteric special baseball math that no one could figure out but myself.

Until a few days before her birthday in 2010 and she heard the radio voice of the A's, Ken Korach, tell listeners that the Rangers Magic Number was three or whatnot.

She sat bolt upright in her chair, and exclaimed, "You mean there really is such a thing as a Magic Number? You were not just making all that up?"

Pretty cute.


The Rangers' Magic Number for the division title is five.
The Rangers' Magic Number for a playoff berth is three.
The Rangers' Magic Number for home field advantage is seven.

Let's go Rangers!


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