Sep 27, 2012

Well, goodness flipping gracious me!

So, that was not scary, at all, right?

The Rangers earn a split in the series, winning today, Nathan getting the last out with Cespedes in the on-deck circle, again.  Just like on Monday.

But, the plucky A's decided they would rather give me a heart attack by hitting three solo shots in the eighth, before being retired in order in the ninth.

Good grief!

(And, now I get to do inventory tonight.  Woo-hoo!)

The final from Arlington is nine to seven, Rangers.

The Rangers' Magic Number for the division is three.
The Rangers' Magic Number for a playoff berth is two.  (The Angels are trailing the Mariners three to two right now B5.)
The Rangers' Magic Number for home field advantage is six.  (The Yankees play later tonight.)

The Athletics' Magic Number for the division is eleven.  
The Athletics' Magic Number for a playoff berth is six.


Here is how you figure out a Magic Number.  The Magic Number is 163 - (Your team's Wins + Your rival team's losses.)

For example:  The Rangers now have ninety-two wins, and the A's have sixty-eight losses.  That adds up to 160.  160 subtracted from 163 is three!

Plus, you can do it for the trailing team, too.  The A's have eighty-eight wins, and the Rangers have sixty-four losses.  That adds up to 152.  152 from 163 is eleven.

Who ever reduces their Magic Number to zero first wins the division.


Oh, those plucky A's! Even if we do win the division, we still might have to face them in the playoffs.  Ugh!

Joe Nathan has a lifetime ERA of 0.76 (!) v the Oakland A's

Barely alive,

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  1. The Rangers definitely need to bring their A game back on. It's a tough season for every team. They just to step it up a bit.