Nov 5, 2012

Here are some more predictions, and juicy political links:

Walnut Creek Democratic HQ, November 5, 2012.

Here is David Atkins from Hullabaloo, passing along the Wingers' predictions.

Here are David Atkins' own personal predictions on the OEE.  He is not as bullish as Kos or I.

Here are Kos' predictions.  He and I see the OEE in exactly the same way.

I think this is Charlie Pierce's best post today.

And, via Sarah Proud and Tall, and Balloon Juice; here is Chris Kluwe, the sexy Vikings punter civil-rights champion beast!


The Wife and I saw Ben Affleck's mash note to Tony Mendez and Jimmy Carter, Argo, yesterday. We both liked it with some reservations, and I can dip in to that later tomorrow.

I also got a haircut and bought David Thomson's latest book, The Big Screen The Story of the Movies.  Which looks like an absolute, smashing masterpiece.  I can not wait for the chapters on Ingrid Bergman's censure when she moved to Italy; Murnau's magical amazing film, Sunrise; and Jean Renoir; plus so much much much more.  It looks to be as nourishing and wonderful as a dinner at Bouchon with Orson Welles.  Yummy!


Lots more tomorrow, all day long, ... (Here is some Chris Kluwe for ya, ladies and gents:)


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