Nov 4, 2012

I am not going to bury the lede.

The good guys are going to win this thing on Tuesday.  And, we will know that the good guys have won on Tuesday evening.  I am guessing that Obama will break the two-hundred and seventy electoral vote threshold at about a quarter after eight PM PST.

All the shenanigans in Ohio and Florida, and the True the Vote douchewackets will not be able to steal this election for the GOP.  Women, all across this nation, are going to come out in full force on Tuesday and nail this thing down for Obama/Biden.

Here is what the map will look like.  Obama will win the Electoral College 332-206.  Obama will win the National Popular vote fifty to forty-seven.  Democrats will maintain control of the Senate, with a fifty-three to forty-six edge.  No one knows what that crazy guy in Maine is going to do, who he will caucus with, whatever, ... Obama will still have to deal with an intransigent GOP House of Representatives, of which the GOP will have a majority of 238-197.  As much as I would like to see loony tunes Michele Bachmann ousted in Minnesota, I do not think it will happen.

Claire McCaskill will defeat Todd Akin; Professor -- boy, did that strategy backfire -- Elizabeth Warren will become Senator Warren; Joe Donnelly will defeat Dick Mourdock; Tester will win in Montana; Kaine will win in Virginia; Heitkamp will lose in North Dakota; and Tammy Baldwin will win in Wisconsin.

And, Joe Walsh will be thrown out on his ear, and will become a whackjob Fox News contributor.

I will be adding to this post, and writing more posts of this nature over the next three days.

I love you all,

Ardent Henry

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