Nov 6, 2012

Election Day Thoughts

Here is the greatest liberal progressive blogger of all-time, digby, with your drinking schedule for tonight.  She is much more pessimistic than me, so, that should tell you something.

(And, what the fuck? My parents were lucky enough to live in Switzerland from October 2001 until Obama was elected -- although my Da is still working in CH until he retires, and my Mum lives in Tulsa, OK now -- but, what does it say about our nation, that this thing, this General, this OEE, is this close?)

It is the media, dummy.

Unfortunately, after Obama has wrapped this thing up tonight, no media maven/pundit/expert will be held to bare.  The whole myth of a Liberal/Progressive media will only be; mistakenly, and righteously upheld.  

It was fixed, screams the Right.  Therefore, it must be so, says the media.

Read driftglass.  No one does better at exposing the false equivalency media circus than our Man in Chicago.  

The media are desperate to portray this OEE (Orchestrated Electoral Extravaganza) as a tight race.  Well, it is a tight race, as far as the national numbers are concerned, but, it is not a close race as far as the Electoral College is concerned.  (This is one of the main reasons Nate Silver's own employers, and others in the TradMedia hate him so much.  Plus, he is slender, talks in a high voice, and likes fine restaurants.) 

Why are the supposedly LeftTradMedia so willing to suck up to Mittens, and declare this a toss-up? Because, they have bills to pay, and Masters to serve.

Marx was fucking right, even if you are immediately turned off by my using his name.  

It is not race, or gender that ultimately differentiate between citizens of a culture, it is CLASS.  

Okay, enough lecturing, how about another great video, one of my all-time faves:


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