Nov 6, 2012

I will be here (and on friendface) all day today,

Going back and forth to eat, read my David Thomson book, watch episodes of Veep, and the film, The Names of Love -- a splendid love story about family, parents, religion, love, and, yes, politics.

It is going to be a rollercoaster ride, and it is going to be close.  Honestly, my advice to my friends and loved ones is to go outside if the weather permits, and do not take your smartphone with you. If you have to stay indoors, read a book, or watch The Names of Love. (Streaming on netflix.) And, if you are working, do not bother with updates, or dailykos, or the drudgereport.  Let me do all that worrying for you.  And, do not pay attention to exit polls!

Settle in for the prime time election results on your favorite network at around seven PM EST. That is when we will start getting results from Virginia.

Until then, relax, work, drink tea, read a book, curl up with your loved ones, your kitties, your puppies, whathaveyou, and, of course, go vote if you have not already.

Here are some videos to cheer you up!

It is election day!


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