Dec 13, 2012

A couple of days ago

I was reminded, while watching Ruby Sparks with the Wife -- by the way, Ruby Sparks was probably even better at home the second time around, and I think the film is going to age supremely well.  Zoe Kazan and her directors have made a great little romcom -- just how tiny JD Salinger's oeuvre really is.

"I don't know.  I just don't feel like writing today."

Here is the complete list of his published works:

A slim novel.
Two longish short stories stuck together to make a "novel".
A collection of short stories.
And, another collection of longish short stories put together to make a sort-of "novel".
And, that is it.

What a frickin' genius, right?

I love Salinger.  I probably always will.  But, talk about "leaving them wanting more", yes?

He managed his career perfectly, even if he only realized that he just did not have anything else good to say, and flat-out quit.  Brilliant.


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