Dec 17, 2012

Enough is Enough!


Or, you would like to think that would be the case.  That this most recent incident would be the one.  The one that would be the tipping point, the one that would finally make this nation face itself honestly and thoughtfully in the mirror, and make it change its ways at last.

Except that is not what is going to happen here.  Despite these outrageous tragedies coming even more fast and furious these past couple of years, I -- and we -- should expect even more senselessness and blood in the future.

Of course, gun control would help the situation.  But, there will be no new legislation as a result of the Newtown shooting.  Your "public servants" -- on both sides of the aisle -- know which side of their bread is buttered on.

Hell, there was a time when Dems used to use gun control cynically as an issue to get elected, and then would promptly forget about it, sitting in Washington.  Those were the days.  Now a vast majority of Democrats do not even do that anymore.  Instead, we hear about how much they love shooting Bambi, and is not it great, and peachy keen that in this frightfully young and obscenely wealthy and spoiled rotten nation of ours that we have the constitutional right to amass as large a personal arsenal as we think we deserve.

Significant serious gun control will not happen in my lifetime.  I know it.  I have read Robert Sherrill's cynical and frightening and honest book on the subject.  

And I know Nick C and I on Friday last certainly said some incredibly cynical things, ourselves. We were assuming the positions of Right Wing Fundie Zealots and Fox News' Pundits and Hosts. Except, how cynical were we, really? When most of what we said has already been said since then by the very same folks.

More guns.  If the teachers had been armed.  (Or, perhaps, the children?) Prayer in school would have prevented this, for sure.  Gay marriage is to blame, obviously.  No Jesus No Peace! The War on Christmas.  Obama wants your guns, etc, and on and on and on and on, etc, and on ...

(You know, as recently as four years ago, I used to think of Mike Huckabee as the affable -- moderately -- compassionate Conservative GOP alternative. But, now I see just what a messed-up devious savvy jerk he really is.)

Look, Fox News is already salting their ever so respectful coverage of this most recent horrific tragedy with arguments like those mentioned above.  And the rest of the Courtier Press is nearly as bad, so as to appear unbiased.

What a crock.

What is it about guns and this nation? How disgustingly sick is it that Public Servants and the Traditional Media continue to use tragedies such as these as a blade in their ideological wars? Instead of fucking facing the fact that this nation has a serious gun problem that needs to addressed full-on right flipping now?

Enough is enough.

All my love,
Hug your kids and your sweeties,
Pay it forward,
Choose love over fear,

Michael David Spitler

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