Dec 13, 2012

It is funny.

I totally have wanted to do a piece like this on fauxluxe for a while now.  I even attempted it around this time last year, but abandoned it because I just could not get the tone right, or could not capture the theme beneath the text.  Psst, for fun, here is a great quote from Whit Stillman's film, Barcelona (about text and subtext):

Fred: Maybe you can clarify something for me. Since I've been, you know, waiting for the fleet to show up, I've read a lot, and... 
Ted: Really? 
Fred: And one of the things that keeps popping up is this about "subtext." Plays, novels, songs - they all have a "subtext," which I take to mean a hidden message or import of some kind. So subtext we know. But what do you call the message or meaning that's right there on the surface, completely open and obvious? They never talk about that. What do you call what's above the subtext? 
Ted: The text. 
Fred: OK, that's right, but they never talk about that.

Plus, the platform for my post would have been different.  mistermix is talking about the film, High Fidelity, Elvis Costello, and YouTube.  I was going to talk about MGMT, their song, Song for Dan Treacy; Dan Treacy's band, Television Personalities; and YouTube.

But, the main thrust of his post would have been the same as mine:  The internets truly are spectacular.

I used to get all my knowledge about new and exciting bands, books, films, art, etc, ... from word of mouth and reading magazines and books.  I guess I am an old fusty, but the convenience of the internets, while spectacular, is also, finally, disheartening and dehumanizing to me, as well. I am not crazy about the trade-off.  (He said on his blog.  I know I know, ... )

Anyhoo, mistermix beat me to it.  Good for him.  Great post on Balloon Juice.


P.S.  I love the Nick Hornby novel, High Fidelity, and used to love Stephen Frears' film of the book, but now think it has aged poorly, and is not very good.  The song High Fidelity by Elvis Costello is still an absolute Monster of Angst, from his splendid cracking album Get Happy!

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