Dec 5, 2012

I love the story Howard Zinn tells

In the spectacular documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers:  That Ellsberg, a former Marine Corps Troop Commander directed Zinn and his other Cambridge buddy, Noam Chomsky, on how to successfully conduct a non-violent protest on May Day, 1971, instructing them on when to move, when to lay down, when to get arrested, etc, ...

Ellsberg and his wife when they turned themselves in.

And, I also love that before wikileaks and Anonymous, Ellsberg and Tony Russo took on the establishment, the Nixon administration, and all the lies of the previous four administrations, and beat them in court so emphatically that whistle blowers like Julian Assange are now attacked through the media, and on trumped-up unrelated charges.

And, I love that Ellsberg and his wife, Patricia, are still out on the front lines every day, fighting for peace, and making sure we hold our Public Servants truly accountable.  A great great man.  And, an absolute must-see doc.

It was on PBS last night.  And, it is likely they will repeat it again soon.  Please watch.

All my love,

Michael David Spitler

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