Feb 4, 2013

Considering that

The Dems have the GOP in such a defensive posture at the moment, it was disheartening to see Reid back out on true filibuster reform.

The GOP are so on the defensive and flat out confused that they are playing chicken with the sequester and literally tying themselves in knots over immigration reform.  When a Republican proposes it, it is not amnesty.  I severely doubt the House will let any of that happen, but it has been amusing watching folks like the Fox News Prime Time Players make a complete about face re immigration, as if they were right all along, and have never compromised a single one of their principles for viewers, or to curry favor with their favorite politicians.

And, yeah, we are not going to ban assault rifles, either.

But, there are real big time laughs these days for Concern Troller Karl Rove, and his Koch Bros' Money Men.  Apparently just fine with the millions of dollars Rove wasted in the last election, the Money Men are enlisting Rove's help again, with a new group called the Conservative Victory Project.  This group will target wacko Rep and Senate candidates like Akin, Angle, O'Donnell whathaveyou in primary races, hoping to pave a clear path for their acceptable Republican choice, i.e. a Republican who can keep their mouth shut, and sublimate all their deep darkest wishes and beliefs in to a winning campaign.

Rove is laughing all the way to the bank, I am confident.  How pathetic is it that your party feels it has to rig elections to thwart the will of your core base support? And, how pathetic is it that the Teabaggers still have no clue to how they are being used by folks like Rove, the Koch's and the Money Men?

Then again, whatever, right? Could not have happened to a bunch of nicer folks.

Michael D Spitler

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