Feb 21, 2013

You know, I just gotta say,

Usually when people mouth off like that, bad things happen.  What goes around comes around, and the baseball gods are truly vindictive vengeful gods that act swiftly and love to righteously punish those who piss them off.

Josh Hamilton, apparently, has not saved his breath to cool his porridge.  A grown man and addict that was/is revered in North Texas and much of this nation.  A grown man who makes over twenty million dollars a year hitting baseballs, and running after them.

Chuck Morgan, the Rangers' and The Ballpark in Arlington public address voice said it ever so well the other day,

VC, I have been wondering since December.
Its not so much the negativity, but making sure our fans feel at home and that our players feel like they are at home. Out of respect to the current roster, even though its part of our history, this year is a little early to show big hits or big plays by players that have moved on. 
We are working on a concept. A little history showing the AL trophies being raised. 
Personally, I think our fans deserve more credit than what they have received the past couple of days. David Murphy said it best, that our place was “electric”. Ron Washington said it best, 3.4 million came through the gates in Texas.
Like many of you, I have been to what people consider “baseball towns”. In New York, I saw a ballpark empty out in the middle of an ALCS game. 
I grew up close to a “baseball town.” If you take the Rangers history, put it on the banks of the Mississippi, I’m not sure that is a baseball town. 
I hope that makes sense, but what I am saying, fans here deserve a lot of credit. Fans here have supported a baseball team for 40 years with not a lot of trips to the postseason. I think Adam mentioned that in his column this morning.
In my opinion, there are alot of baseball fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are a melting pot of many baseball fans. Some from Detroit, some from New York, some like the Cardinals from the days their grandparents listened to KMOX, some like the Braves and Cubs because of the superstations.
But in 2010, something special happened. Almost everyone in this area became Texas Rangers fans.
As I wrote back in September, 3,000,000 should never be taken for granted. It needs to be respected. There are couple of those so called baseball towns that wish they had fans like the Texas Rangers have now.
Our fans are loud. Our fans cheer when there are 2 strikes. Our fans for years have cheered and given standing ovations to great performances, that’s nothing new. That’s been going on since I came here in 1983 and getting know fans here, I am sure great performances were cheered for back in the 1970s.
In 1993 we closed a ballpark and our fans responded the way any baseball town would.
In 1994 we opened a new ballpark and our fans responded the way any baseball town would.
In 1996, 1998, 1999, 2010 and 2011 we won AL West titles and our fans responded the way any baseball town would.
In 2010 and 2011 we won AL Pennants and our fans responded the way any baseball town would.
This area is a great area for football, basketball, hockey, NASCAR and baseball.
We live in a great sports area. Not many areas in the country that can support franchises and events the way Dallas-Fort Worth does with attendance, interest, sponsorships, luxury suites, TV and radio ratings.
Dallas-Fort Worth is a great area and a great place for a professional athlete to call home.
Fans in this area, in this case, baseball fans, deserve more credit and a big thank you.
I’ll get off the soap box now.

by chuckranger83 on Feb 19, 2013 2:42 PM CST up reply   67 recs

Word.  Can not wait to see the Angels run in to town now.


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