Feb 22, 2013

Yup, more about New Girl in Town:

The other thing I would like to say about New Girl in Town is how impressed I am with the dynamic in Jeff and Angie's relationship.  Angie quite plainly dominates Jeff without humiliating him or crushing his self-esteem.  It is only when Angie's gaze and attention are not firmly on Jeff that he becomes melancholy.  Of course, Angie the domineering tomboy and Jeff should get along fine at the ballgame, backyard, or burger stand, but when Angie turns in to glamour girl, it is going to be up to Angie and Jeff to navigate safely through all the distractions and petty jealous feelings.

Two shows that we watch here at home fairly often have actually put their own spin on this old comedic trope:  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The IT Crowd.  Both shows have hired tall, athletic attractive women to play transsexuals who become entangled in relationships with male characters to varying degrees of success.  Mac, from It's Always Sunny is seduced and repelled by a transsexual who still carries her member from her past life, and Douglas from The IT Crowd falls madly in love with a journalist transsexual that loves to eat pizza and drink beer in bed whilst watching "the darts" on the telly.

Mac and Douglas love the fact that they can roughhouse, wrestle, misbehave, whatehaveyou with a significant other that acts like a "man/bloke" but looks like (is) a stunning female that they can also have great sex with.

It is a little different with Jeff, since Angie's transformation is one that might never occur.  Jeff might always have to contend with Angie mercurially switching between her masculine and girly physical personas.  Whereas, Mac and Douglas' paramours have already come through to the other side as females.  (The big hang up for Mac, and a source of humor for the episodes that Mac and her are in, is her penis.  The day she gets that removed might be the final hurdle for Mac to leap to become seriously involved with her.)  I suspect that the Donna Reed writers intended this episode to be Angie's "debut" as a woman, and that in future episodes we only see the tiniest glimpses in to Angie's old tomboy self.  This was the early sixties, after all.  I could be wrong, and I will keep you updated as I keep watching more episodes.


UGH! I am closing tonight.  I love you all.  Andrew G enjoy your party.

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