Apr 23, 2011

Here are a few stories

For all my friendies out there:

First, is a story that Nick C & the McClung Bros and folks as old or older will especially appreciate.  It involves our kid Rock Star again, Dylan Fox.  I asked him aboot the deal w/ iTunes, how much does it cost to get yor product on there, how much do you get from the "sales"/downloads?, etc, ...

Dylan Fox and the Wave put some tracks in the can.
He told me that stuff and then I asked him how many songs he had in the can.

He had no idea what I was talking about.  He had never heard that expression before.

He is sooooo cute.


Jess Jackson died a couple of days ago.  He was a true titan of the No California Wine Emperors.   Perhaps you could say, Jackson was the Mondavi of Sonoma.  Say what you will about the ubiquitous K-J Chard (I actually like it) there is a reason it is the best selling Chard in the world.  He found the formula, like Coke or Pepsi, I suppose, and stuck with it for three decades running now.

He owns near every last parcel of Sonoma county.  He started out as a lawyer.  He was born in San Francisco.  He passed away on 4/21.  He was eighty-one.


Heard a great baseball story yesterday, listening to the Rangers' radio crew.  I am sure the story is as old as baseball but this version was attributed to Jim Kern and his minor-league Manager at the time.  Kern was the Rangers' Closer back in the days when they were not even using the term Closer yet.

So, Kern is pitching in the Minor Leagues.  He has started the game and he is getting rocked hard.  The Manager comes out to talk to him in the second inning.  Kern says, "Hey, Skip, I know I am getting rocked, but I'll sort it out.  I'm not tired, at all."

The Skip says, "I know you're not tired.  I'm worried about those outfielders, they're exhausted!"


More baseball:  This was a beautiful little AP wrap above the Rangers/Royals box score today in the SFChron.

Rangers 11, Royals 6

ARLINGTON, Texas - Five Rangers - Mike Napoli, Ian Kinsler, David Murphy, Adrian Beltre and Mitch Moreland - homered on a windy night.

Lovely little poem, that.

Mwah, ...

Love and kisses.

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