Apr 17, 2011

Never seen

Stage Door before, directed by Gregory LaCava.

"Make me pretty, loser!"
It is fantastic.  Rapid fire, smartass dialogue is always good for film, comedy or otherwise.

It has an amazing cast:  Ginger Rogers, Hepburn, Gail Patrick (humma-na-nummana), Pangborn, Lucille Ball (who I cannot stand normally but she is great in this), Eve Arden (w/ a cat around her neck most of her scenes), Adolphe Menjou, a young frickin, accent showin' Ann Miller, etc, ...

Sure the whole "Kay business" is a bunch of melodramatic malarkey but all that great banter between Hepburn and Rogers and the Footlights Club ladies' scenes are pure gold.

It ain't My Man Godfrey, LaCava's masterpiece, but it's damn, frickin' good,

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