Apr 21, 2011

That is a shock,

Yup, that is where Larry "Wide Stance" Craig was busted.
Ensign resigning.  Because as you probably know GOP "public" servants never resign.  See "Diaper" David Vitter or Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, for instance.

Anyhoo, the CW is that the GOP Gov will appoint a US Rep named Heller to take Ensign's place until the election next year.  But why would not the Gov appoint "2nd Amendment Remedies" Sharron Angle to the post? My gosh, it would be a travesty, but the GOP really does not care anymore.  They want to please their Overlords, keep the checks coming in, keep their jobs, and above all, see (and help) Obama to fail, in spite of the nation's well-being and health.


Hilarious to see four GOP Govs (incl Gubner "Secession" Haircut from Texas) scream bloody murder about federal money but then do some crafty bookkeeping and plead for the money, after all.  Pathetic.


My buddy, Nick C, does this game sometimes where he asks all his co-workers a "Question For the Day."

Today's question was, "Knowing the Desperado guy in Seinfeld, what is your personal Desperado Song in your life?" Nick's was In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, Yvonne's was Fanfare for the Common Man, and mine is a tie between two Cheater Slicks songs:  Dignity and Grace and Refried Dreams.


No need to panic but the Rangers are scuffling a bit after their fantastic 6-0 start.  Bullpen is a problem, Colby has not looked sharp, at all, and a large portion of the lineup is slumping.  Like I said, no reason to panic.  We got a long way to go.  Props to Matty Harrison, he looks like he has finally figured it out.  He's going to be a solid 3-4-5 rotation kind of guy.

Speaking of Colby Lewis, Colby was the first MLB player in history to take the newly instituted three day Paternity Leave.  Of course, there was some yahoo, redneck Texas idiot sportscaster who took umbrage with this, stating that Colby should either plan his wife's pregnancies better or just pitch anyway.  Some things never change in that part of the world.


Treme Season Two starts on Sunday.  Renee and I are psyched.  I'll keep you up-to-date without spoiling anything and refer to the excellent Back of Town NOLA/Treme Series blog when needed.


Cheater Slicks, Mystery Ship


We have a v cute little Rock Star working with us right now.  You can buy his songs on the iTunes, even! (Dylan Fox and the Wave.)  Anyhoo, he worships the White Stripes and he is a Facebook friendie and so I pointed out the posting I did of that Rep scolding the GOP during the recent budget debate, quoting the White Stripes.  He thought it was pretty cool.

Then today he said that I was ahead of the curve cause now, a couple of weeks later that same posting is showing up on all the indie-music blogs.  

I said, Those kids just do not read political blogs.  

Kids, hunh?


Mwah, ... 

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