Apr 3, 2011

The Rangers (and Mariners) Magic Number is 159!

Did you know that the distinctive New York Yankees cap logo, one of the most well-known team logos in history, was designed by Tiffany and Co.  I did not know that until recently.

Anyhoo, enough about the Damn Yankees.  Let us talk about the defending AL champs, the Texas Rangers.

It is early but life is good.  Ian Kinsler made history yesterday when he led off the game with a Home Run.  That is history because he did the same exact thing on Friday, making him the first Major Leaguer to ever hit lead-off Homers in the first two games of a season.  Not even Rickey Henderson ever did that.

Plus, our Tiffany and Co. free agent, Adrian Beltre, cracked a Grand Slam off of John Lackey yesterday.  I cannot stand John Lackey.  A couple of years ago when Lackey was still with the Angels he was thrown out of a game for throwing behind Ian Kinsler and then plunking him with the very next pitch.  He and his Angel manager, Mike Scioscia, did that kind of stuff all the time back then, still do, I am sure.  Yesterday, the Rangers chased Lackey the old fashioned way, they pounded holy hell out of him.  Lackey's line from Saturday:  3.2 IP 10 H 9 R (all earned) 2 BB 3 K 2 HR.  It took him 86 pitches to record eleven outs.

Meanwhile, Colby Lewis was like Houdini out there.  He escaped with a Win, a Quality Start, and calmed down enough to get his pitch/out average down to a modest six.  He looked rusty out there for sure but it is another win.

Rangers go for the sweep in about a half hour from now.

Baseball is back.  I am loving life.

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