Apr 13, 2011

"Is it too late/To do it again/

The Feelies feel it in Jersey
Or should we wait/Another ten?"

That is the opening couplet from The Feelies' fifth long-player, Here Before, officially released yesterday.  More on that later.


I would love to play poker against Dems.  Time and again immemorial Dems refuse to call the evil GOP's bluff.  Time and again immemorial Dems concede half the pot before the betting begins.

The GOP know the debt ceiling has to be raised.  Their Wall Street/Koch Bros. Overlords have way too much to lose.  Still, here comes the White House, speaking of concessions, suddenly listening to the Cat Food Commission's heinous suggestions, and just overall saying all the wrong things about the deficit and programs that must be cut.

I'd be a millionaire playing poker against these fools.


A couple more political quick-hitters before I get on to funner things.  (And yes, I know, funner is not a word.)

First, lately, I have been distressed to see some of my blogosphere/facebook friendies politely applauding David Brooks.  Perhaps it is because he has a new book out or perhaps it is because he writes for the venerable, majestic NYT.

My friends, David Brooks, is not a force for good, much less even a moderate.  Read driftglass.  Remember that Brooks wrote a whole fucking awful series of articles in the Atlantic and other magazines just after Bush 43 was elected, calling all those that live in Blue States a bunch of intellectual, snobby show-offs who instead should be reverent, respectful, god-fearing WalMart shoppers.  Us in the Blue States just do not understand the real (Red State) Americans who love to eat at the Applebee's salad bar.  Also, do not forget that Mr Brooks was one of the biggest Iraq War cheerleaders, writing then for the fucking Weekly Standard.  Then you should read more driftglass.  David Brooks is an evil GOP hack asshat.  Do not pay attention to a frickin' word he says.

Next:  some more of my friendies on the interwebs are lamenting the recent budget deal, upset enough to stamp their tootsies that the government is not shutting down and all government programs must be abolished herewith!

What a load of crap.  Uh, these Randian, deficit/tax/regulation hating folks had nary a word to say when Bush 43 got us in to two fucking wars (occupations, really) and lowered taxes, thus, along with banks acting like casino majordomos, wrecking the economy.  Why is it with these Randites that when a serious discussion of the deficit crops up they always want to discuss term-limits; abolishing Planned Parenthood, ACORN, the NEA, NPR, PBS, the EPA, OSHA, the Dept of Education, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security; lowering US Reps and Senators salaries but yet, never once do they mention that large corporations like GE and Exxon/Mobil should pay fucking income taxes, or that we should fucking reduce military spending, which is by far the largest piece of the discretionary spending pie.

Bush 43 inherited a surplus, folks.  He promptly read My Pet Goat as the Trade Center collapsed and burned, went on vacation a lot, let the banks do whatever they fucking pleased, fiddled as the economy crashed, fired US attorneys that did not pursue nonexistent Democratic Vote Fraudsters, installed the PATRIOT act, and made a few Barney Xmas videos.

Enough.  It is okay to run a deficit in times like these.  In fact, the economy would be in much better shape today and the deficit would be larger if we had done a bigger, better stimulus package.  But Dems are cowards.  What else is new?


The new Feelies album is splendid.  It is not radical or different in any way.  I would not expect that from them, besides.  The song titles are like haikus or koans, seemingly wise despite their vacant plainness, to wit:  Again Today, When You Know, Morning Comes, Here Before, Change Your Mind, Time Is Right, etc, ... There are guitar solos on every track, drum cymbals are almost never used and when they are it is strictly for punctuation.  My favorite track right now is When You Know.  It is a motorik monster with one of the most stunning guitar solos I have ever heard.  Million somehow makes his guitar sound like a backmasked recorder before unleashing a brief Neu-worthy panning airplane takeoff topper.


Well, the masterful Todd Haynes' Mildred Pierce has wrapped up.  I do not want to spoil anything for those who might watch it in replay or on dvd but the series really began to take off for me in episode three.  By the beginning of episode four, however, each scene in sequence became better and better, more gripping, more addictive and intoxicating.  The slow pace of the series really does build up to a stunning, sweaty palms climax.  Phenomenal.  Ms Winslett has done it again.  Is she the finest movie actress alive right now? I think so.  Kudos also go out to Evan Rachel Wood, as well.


Bouchon and Market were wonderful.  (Yes, I suppose I am one of those wussy, snobby, Blue State toffs that love to eat at fancy restaurants, much to Mr Brooks' chagrin.)

Here are numerous pictures:

Daddy at Bouchon

Daddy's salad

Pnut's pork belly "salad"

Daddy's roasted lamb

Daddy at Bouchon (Part Deux)

Pnut's beet salad at Market

While we were at Bouchon I noticed there was a small wait table where servers would let bottles "breathe."  One of the bottles was a 1993 Lafite Rothschild.  Well, actually, I just knew it was a Lafite.  I actually stood up and peered at the label to discover the vintage.  We tried to "follow" the bottle and see which table it ended up at but it vanished before we could discover that.  Then, just as suddenly, as we left, we saw it back in a server's hands being poured in to a small decanter.  I asked him where it was going.  He said, the customer left the rest of the bottle for the kitchen staff.  I said, was not it too young? He said the kitchen staff would appreciate it plenty, no matter.  

Good for them!

Love you all so much, Mwah, ... 

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