May 24, 2011

More jokes.

4 15 Liter bottles of Yellow Label? Insane.
This is our bar tab from the hotel on our wedding night.

Once again, just kidding, folks.  That tab is from Vegas on May 5.  Gotta be an athlete, right? Or a hip-hop guy?


(Hey, it was Cinco de Mayo, they got some Patron, too.  They got in to the spirit of things.)


  1. ahhh ha ha this receipt carefully (by a poet friend who used to work as a POS software trouble shooter):

    p.s. hope you managed something good in quality and quantity to drink to celebrate ;). Somehow I imagine that you handled that one with thorough aplomb. (we had a pretty sweet supper in Austin does French Provencal restaurant called Justine's - check it out if you ever get the chance)

  2. Before the reception we had Billecart-Salmon NV Brut Rose, at the reception we had Grgich Hills Fume Blanc (Biodynamic!), a Macon-Villages, a Napa sparkler called Diva(?!) that was a 2001 and v v good, a 2005 Blancs de Noirs grower-Champagne, Dom du Ch de Puligny-Montrachet Monthelie (Red) Burgundy (Biodynamic!), and all during the day our fab witness, Nick C had a flask of Scotch that I enjoyed mightily. I'll post the menu when I get a picture of it. We will def check out Justine's. We liked Castle Hill (which is different now, I've heard) and Wink when we in Austim last.