May 8, 2011

Something was brought up

The other day on DailyKos that really brought this whole thing home for me.
These folks got it done.

Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda's goal was never to defeat the United States militarily, they could never do anything even remotely like it.  The reasons for their terrorist attacks were to cripple us financially, economically and to instill fear in our country.

And they did a pretty damn good job, sadly.

We're involved in three, count 'em, three military actions right now, including one that had absolutely no business happening.

Next time you think about the deficit, think about the meter (still running) on that insane Death Cab for Cutie called the Iraq War.  It is at three trillion right now.  

(And I am not even talking about the thousands of dead US soldiers and Iraqi citizens.)

Perhaps the US would not be in the economic straits it is now if not for that stupid, stupid, unnecessary war right now.

Peace out.

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