May 27, 2011

This is how

Chicken-shitted and venal and awful the GOP is today.  They keep talking about "reforms" for Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid when so many of us already know that they want to kill all those programs.  The GOP has been wanting to kill those programs ever since each one of them began.  What a bunch of cowards.  And liars.

Hell, at least the wacky Paul family tell you out front what they'd like to do.  It is still grossly wrong.  But at least they're honest.

(I will say this, though:  My fave dude, Rand Paul voted against the Ryan budget 'cause he said, It was not austere and tuff enuff, knowing full well his budget would never get close to passing the Senate.  This was a very savvy move, actually, from the little creep, because now he looks manly to the Teabaggers and he has a no vote on the Ryan Debacle of Prosperity.)

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