Aug 31, 2011

(The photo has nothing to do with the post,

I just like [love] the photo.)

Bears love The Rangers.
I was watching the US v John Lennon doc, which is pretty good- Gore Vidal is real good, especially- and Renee made some crack about something silly John and Yoko did.

And she is right.  John and Yoko did do a lot of silly, naive stuff.  But I would much rather watch the John and Yoko Reality Show than any of the Kardashians, Pretty Wild, Flipping Out, Zoe Whatever, any of that crap. 

Plus, John and (yes, even) Yoko made way better music on their "Show" than any of those vacuous, obnoxious housewives do today.

"Don't be tardy for the party!"

Mwah, ...

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