Apr 3, 2013

Another bad-ass Aries: David Letterman,

Born April 12, 1947.

I can not tell you how much Mr Letterman has influenced my art and life.  I still use lines of his ("I don't know what that means.") and deliver jokes in the exact same style as him.

My Da, Andy, was the person who turned me on to Letterman in the Spring of 1983, when Letterman was still on NBC.  I remember telling Andy the next day that I did not get it, did not think the show was all that funny.  He said, "You have only seen one show.  You have to watch it every night."

Boy, was my Da right.  And, I watched every night for over ten years, even moving over to CBS with him in the 90s.

I do not watch the show now, and I doubt it could ever be nearly as good as the 80s NBC glory years with Pee Wee Herman, Brother Theodore, Sandra Bernhard, the Top Ten Lists, Stupid Pet Tricks, Brush with Greatness (I have a brill one, by the way, but have never been anywhere New York City), Viewer Mail, Chris Elliot, and on and on, ...

Happy birthday, bruvver Letterman!

Mwah, ... 

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