Apr 5, 2013

Tinto Brass, another bad-ass Aries!

Tinto Brass, born in Milan on March 26th 1933, has been making films for over fifty years now. And, according to imdb, is currently in the midst of production for another film as we speak.

Tinto Brass

Brass has worked in a number of genres, but is best known, of course, as an erotic filmmaker. Brass does not make pornographic films.  He makes erotic films.  Most of his erotic films fit in to the classic Italian comedy style, wherein young newly married lovers can not really learn to love each other until they have had experience and been "taught" by outsiders.  But, he also will make very serious erotic films such as Salon Kitty or The Key.

All of his films have real plots, real dialogue, and stories.

He is probably best known for his work on the infamous Caligula film in the seventies, though he asked his name be taken off the credits as he did not get final cut on the scenes he shot, and he does not like to show graphic sex in his films.

Tinto Brass, to me, is about as typical an Aries type as you can get.  Happy eightieth birthday, brother!

(And, no, I am not providing you folks any links to videos! You are on your own, kids!)

All my Aries love,
Kisses on the bottom,

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