Apr 25, 2013

Nope, there is absolutely nothing to see here,

Just neveryoumind, already! Got this from Charlie Pierce today, who got the picture from Gawker.  I already knew about the heinously unconstitutional anti-choice law signed by Governor Brownback the other day, but I had no idea about the whole Jesus hearts Mary angle for Brownie's notes.  Kissing in a tree, indeed.  (Plus, am I wrong, or is the bill called Mega abortion bill?)

Meanwhile, Fox News wants to get the towels ready for another waterboarding party.  The Koch brothers are interested in buying eight newspapers, including the LA Times.  No one seems to be the least bit interested in doing something about the West, Texas fertilizer plant owners, despite the fact that they were in serious violation of just about every regulation imaginable and had not had a inspection by OSHA since 1985(!)  Really, I know.  I should just lay off those guys. Goshdarnit, they are the job creators in the boo-ti-ful Right to Work Bidness Paradise that is Tejas.

Then, there is the extremely icky icky story about Adam Savader.  Sad, too, as this might end up putting a crimp in his plans for his shiny new political blog that he had planned to unveil on us (and the world.)

Anyhoo, there is an antidote for all this awfulness.  On May 8, in Oakland, California at the Paramount Theater, Noam Chomsky will be a voice of reason to talk you off the ledge, and, perhaps get you in to the streets instead, trying to change life, as opposed to just reforming capitalism (policy, laws, etc, whathaveyou, ... )

(Oh, and two days after Chomsky's rap at the Paramount, the Paramount will be showing the noir classic, Laura, too.  Sweet!)

Mwah, ... 

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