Apr 16, 2013

We all know what happened

Yesterday.  And, I am not about to waste a significant amount of bit ink from my bit inkwell on yesterday's events, other than to say:  Lest you allow terror to win, it already has.

When the friendface posts started rolling in, I switched off my lovely feature-length interview with Eric Rohmer, and hit the cable news outlets like much of the rest of the country.  But, I could bear it for just so long.

I have no interest in speculation at this point.  Especially the type of crazy dangerous speculation currently ruling the cable news platforms and the interwebs.  This insane type of discussion informs the terrorist that they have won.

When I could take no more, I made an instant decision to watch Eric Rohmer's Six contes moraux in order.  (The way they were intended, not the way they were ultimately released.)

The first is La boulangère de Monceau, a twenty minute black and white short, shot on a 16mm camera without sound.  All the sound, including speech, was added in post-production.  (French cinema does such a great job illustrating the attraction between women and their male butchers, and men and female bakers.) It is one of the most delightful little films I have ever seen, and a perfect antidote to a complex, sometimes hateful world.

My point being, hug your loved ones today.  Curl up with that book you have been putting off for so long.  Go hiking or hit the beach.  Share some drinks with friends and see the game.  Turn everything off and listen to silence for an hour.  Walk the dogs.  Take exercise.  Carry on.  Do some baking.  Make a wonderful dinner.  Work in the garden.  Do anything but let hate win.

(Or, do like me, and throw yourself in to Eric Rohmer's enchanting world of young lovers.)

All my love,

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