Jul 10, 2013

Baseball is cooler than Star Wars! The results are in!

It was close, but I can confidently report that baseball is cooler than Star Wars.  I conducted an extremely scientific poll last Saturday amongst team members at the Walnut Creek Food Hole, and here are the top line results:

Which is cooler, baseball or Star Wars?

Baseball:  48%
Star Wars:  43%
No Opinion:  9%

Folks over thirty overwhelmingly went for baseball.  (Both Paula and Leslie chose baseball, but said it was a very difficult choice for them.) Men overwhelmingly went for Star Wars -- Nick C and I chose baseball, the exception that proves the rule -- and women narrowly went for baseball.  I, as a pollster, also had to learn to hide my current results when asking the question due to learning that the only reason Geoff with a "G" from grocery voted for Star Wars was because he saw that it was trailing at the time; he, he said, "likes to support the underdog."  Another grocery man, Matt H, was very suspicious of the pollster and the poll, and was very free with his extremely loud opinion that not only was Star Wars cooler, but that baseball, "was the worst, and most boring sport ever!"

One person who had no opinion was Jonquil, and another "no opinion" vote was from an insane Belgian barista dude, who is always going on about MG cars, Martinez wineries, and Lady Gaga.

There it is:  Baseball is cooler than Star Wars! Fact! QED!

I will conduct another Food Hole poll soon, and give you the results forthwith.


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