Jul 27, 2013

Hot damn!

Our story just gets better and better! Just last week, the Mom recanted her incineration story, and now says she gave the paintings to a mysterious Russian man, and that he has them now.  Plus, we have learned about the the head of the investigation, Ms Raluca Botea, who had organized a sting operation to retrieve the paintings.  But, a possible buyer, a male supermodel from Bucharest, who had decided not to purchase the stolen paintings, tipped Dogaru off, and the sting could not happen.  The paintings are burned, buried, saved, hidden, or sold, or with this mysterious new Russian character.  This is going to be the greatest movie ever.  Art treasures, a daring heist, a loving mother and grandmother, a woman the head of the investigation, mysterious Russians, prostitution, a male supermodel, a small-time pimp and thief suddenly becomes a master art thief, a tight knit small Romanian village that hates outsiders and only speaks a very rare dialect of Russian, and on and on and on, ... The trial for Radu Dogaru starts next month.

Radu Dogaru, our thief, caught on video

This is great because we have so many good female roles, too! The detective, the mother, the grandmother, the girlfriend!

Fantastic stuff!

The Wife and I's long weekend is off to a great start.  Indian Springs was awesome, totally an Art Deco Jeeves and Wooster style of place.  Then, dining at JoLe was a revelation, one of our new favorite places, and a place will return to.

Today we are going to see the new Aubrey Plaza movie, The To-Do List, and grill pork chops at home.  Woo-hoo!

I have so much else to catch all you folks up to, as well, but it will be a few days.  Love you all, have a splendid Saturday, kids!

Mwah, ... 

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